My Gear List

Ok, so this page is going to be a moving target a little bit as I add and change things up but as things stand (March 2018), this is my up-to-date list of equipment I use to shoot video, photos, compile Instagram stories and piece together YouTube content.


Canon 200D DSLR (also called the Rebel SL2). My main camera which I use for the bulk of my content. It’s a pretty decent entry-level DSLR. My main gripe is that it doesn’t shoot in 4K so when I do upgrade this camera, that will be the reason.

Samsung NX300M. My first ‘compact system camera’ as they’re called – really it’s just a mirrorless. Solid little camera, has done me well over the years and shoots decent enough video. I pretty much use this to shoot making-of videos and some b-roll.


Canon 18-55mm Kit Lens. My lens game is definitely not strong at the moment but I’ll be looking to change that up very soon with a couple of wide angle lenses and one or two prime lenses I’ve got my eye on. For now, the kit lens that came with the 200D is my only choice. It’s decent enough without being amazing. The aperture isn’t great with a minimum f-number of 4, so getting something faster is top of the pops at the moment.


Jobi Gorrillapod 3K. My go-to tripod. I use it for everything. Can be a bugger to set up with the weightier 200D on it, and if I had my time again I would have probably stumped up the extra for the 5K instead of the 3K, but that’s my only gripe with it. Awesome tripod that works in almost every situation.

Manfrotto Compact Action. Awesome tripod that I need to use more. Reasonably light, a breeze to set up, and packs up pretty tight so you can take it anywhere. I generally use it for vineyard shots when I’m trying to compose a particular shot and I’m taking my time with getting it right.


Zhiyun-tech Smooth Q. Cheap, entry level gimbal for phones that does an awesome job. I use this for on-the-fly stuff or where getting a super steady shot is paramount. Works really well for in-vehicle shooting as well. The build feels a little cheap, but it’s standing up to the beating I’ve been giving it.


DJI Spark. I love, love, love this little drone. Only shoots in 1080p, so no 4K, but it’s so compact and nimble and the video quality is pretty decent. I’ve used this everywhere – generic vineyard footage, Instagram stories, aerial photography, the works. Also works as a decent bird scarer during season in the vineyard, so multi-skilled!

Editing software

Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I’ve been using Adobe software for over 20 years now, so the learning curve with picking up Premiere was pretty small for me. I know some people that swear by Final Cut Pro, and that’s great, but it’s always looked a little daunting. So Premiere is my go to.

Editing Hardware

Apple MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina/Touchbar. 2016 model MacBook which I love, bought refurbished off Apple which saved a few hundred dollars of the ‘new’ price – hasn’t missed a beat. Bigger hard drive would be great but I have a backup drive that does that purpose.

Editing snacks.

Sumin Spicy Thai Noodles. Really, any kind of pot noodle will do the job, honestly. No editing session is complete without editing snacks and this is what I reach for every time. Add in a few drops (plus a few more) of Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage and you get the perfect, and pretty darn hot, editing snack.